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Put a smile on your face, a bounce
in your step and success in your life.

That was what Brenda Combs did every day of her life.

Giving presentations, running her own advertising and
marketing business, raising her children and spending time
with her family—and even as she battled cancer, her
style was enthusiastic and energizing, and her messages
were empowering and packed with practicality.

Change your attitude Shedding My Armor

Think you can’t achieve your dreams?
“I know you can,” she’d say. And She put
it in writting to help others find their way.

Learn how you can positively change your
attitude and your life. Read her book, a
story of determination and joy: “Shedding
My Armor—How Beating Cancer Opened
My Heart”.

It’s Brenda’s legacy of hope, her gift to
others as she departed this world. It will
empower you.

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