Welcome to our community, our tribe, our squad, our society of empowered women. What started as a group of four women meeting at Starbucks to talk about their businesses has grown into a society of empowered women that value:

connection with other women

facing fears with grace & grit

partnering together

trading talents to lift each other up

and above all love, love, love

We think it is incredibly important to connect in many different ways. We meet often so we can connect live and in person - there really is nothing better than sharing life in person.


We also know that it is oh so helpful (if not necessary sometimes) to connect through social media and online. So we have created a FaceBook group that ALL females are welcome to join.

And we know that having an online presence makes it easy for ALL females to benefit from the amazing inspiration and resources that come out of this group. This is our online tribe that is also open to ALL females. Sign up today - it's free and easy.

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