Keeping it REAL

I am obsessed with beautiful pictures. I also am slightly obsessed with seeing before & after pictures of home make-overs, DIY projects, amazing weight loss stories, etc. But the one before & after scenario that always bothers me is that of portrait/glamour photographers.

As a photographer myself, I completely understand why before & after images are used – they are very impactful, they are a great way to showcase the talents of the photographer, they draw people in. But I always feel like they don’t tell the real story of the woman.

The “before” picture is always of the woman in the worst outfit, usually with no make-up, most often not smiling and in the absolute worst lighting and location setting possible. This is not how most women really look.

The “after” picture is inevitably stunning. Hair and make-up done to perfection, the perfect outfit, a beautiful location, the most flattering light every created – a perfect masterpiece. This is also not how most women really look.

As I thought about this, I realized that it’s not all the “after” elements that make these women truly beautiful – it’s their stories and their real lives. The “after” picture is wonderful to experience – who wouldn’t want to be pampered and treated like a celebrity. It’s the “before” pictures that need to change. We need to be true and honest and show the world what really makes these women beautiful. I want to turn beauty outside in.

I want to show the world that the real beauty of these women is in their story, their lives, their heart and soul. I want them to feel pampered and beautiful for a day, but that is the new before. THEY are #theREALafter.

Thanks for joining this community and following the stories of amazing women.


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