They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. In my case, this is very true. I have hazel/brown eyes. I also have bright green eyes – when I cry. I am emotional. I am a crier. And while it sometimes freaks my family out when they see my green eyes, I love them. The tears I cry are sometimes sad, but sometimes they are happy and sometimes they are angry and sometimes they are pain. But they are always REAL. My green eyes are always my REAL after.

My eyes have been green a lot more than usual over the past 6 months. There has been a lot to cry about – from the loss of a sweet 12 year old friend to f-ing Leukemia, to saying goodbye to my first fur-baby after 15 amazing years together to losing my own mother just 2 months ago very suddenly. The tears have felt almost endless. But every day, when I look into the mirror at my green eyes, I am happy to see them. They tell me that it is only because I loved so much that they can sparkle so bright. They remind me that all I need to do is keep loving – period.

Get Inspired …

I am a huge fan of Glennon Melton Doyle. Her idea that women are truth tellers and that we are all sisters and that Love Wins – well that inspires me daily. Visit her page and be inspired:

Behind the Scenes …

So a few things that you can’t see in my REAL after picture above because it is in Black & White (which is my favorite, BTW), are listed below. The reason I chose this picture is because it sums up exactly who I am in one simple picture:

I LOVE cherry red lips.

I LOVE cherry red nails.

I LOVE big, chunky rings.

I don’t even go to the gas station without my black eyeliner.

I LOVE sweet tea from Chick-fil-A.

I LOVE my red Jeep Wrangler that I am sitting in while I took this selfie (oh, and I love taking selfies!)

The only things missing from this picture that would totally complete “me” are my kids, my husband, my dog and lots and lots of glitter!


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