Yesterday my son told me a story about something that happened at school a few weeks back. Apparently, when you are in 7th grade and it is spring and the weather is amazing, the school rewards kids with being able to sit outside during lunch on Friday. How awesome is that?

Well, on this particular Friday, he and his buddies were sitting a few feet from a group of girls (11 girls to be exact). The boys desperately wanted to go sit with the girls and talk with them, but how in the world could that happen? A few of them attempted to walk over, but after a few steps, their bravery failed them and they turned back to the safety of their pack.

After this went on for a few minutes, my son stood up, walked over, said “Hi ladies” and sat down right in the middle of the 11 girls!

Are. You. Kidding. Me???

He said he looked up and saw his friends mouths hanging open in surprise. But seconds later, all the other boys joined their buddy and the girls and they all hung out for lunch.

There are so many amazing things about this story I don’t even know where to begin.

  1. My son is a total badass. He is more confident and kind and friendly at 13 than most people are in a lifetime. I want to be like my son.

  2. It only takes 20 seconds of courage to change your entire day, week, year, life. (I think this was a line from “We Bought a Zoo” and it was proven true on this day.

  3. This proves that our friends make us brave. Whether it is our friend that walks in front of us, paving the way for us to follow or our friends that stand behind us, giving us their total support and undoubtedly having our backs, it’s our friends that hold us up, push us forward, blaze trails with us and help us reach our bravest parts.

  4. What comes out of being brave and finding your courage to do something that scares the pants off of you is #theREALafter.

So go grab some friends and do something awesome today!

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