Today I read this quote that really resonated with me. There have been a lot of sad stories happening in my world over the past six months. The ironic thing has been that most of the tragedies that have occurred have been on a Tuesday. This led to several months of really sad, stressful and sleepless Monday nights and Tuesdays for myself and my daughter.

About a month ago I decided I wanted to try and change the feeling of that day for us. I call it “Turning Tuesday”. I started purposefully looking for things that were fun and happy and beautiful that I could share with Zoe on Tuesdays – in hopes that it would help us see that while we are figuring out a new normal without Grandma and Mary Elizabeth and Lainey, Tuesdays don’t always have to be sad and stressful.

I was looking for a way to lessen the weight of Tuesday for Zoe, but what I see now is I am finding a bit of happiness for both of us.

Today’s Turning Tuesday moment came in the form of a surprise box of Thin Mints that were hidden in my pantry!

I hope your Tuesday is as happy as a surprise box of Thin Mints!

#TheRealAfter #ThinMints #TurningTuesday

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